Can I place an order as a guest / without registration?

No, you must be registered to avail of extraordinary buying and selling experience from S-Pack Dubai.

What are the requirements for registration?

For buyers:
  • You are above the legal age for purchasing products in your country of residence; and
  • You are able to provide an address in the UAE or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) for the delivery of products.
For sellers:
  • You are a legal entity duly registered in your jurisdiction;
  • You have a current trade license;
  • You provide proof of authorization for the individual who will be registering and using the Site;
  • You provide identification for the authorized person;
  • You can provide supporting bank details; and
  • You acknowledge and agree that for certain product categories, additional requirements might be applicable.

In order to register on the Site, you will need to provide us with certain information. Your registration to the Site may not be accepted if you do not provide us with the required information. We reserve the right to decline any registration without further explanation. We reserve the right to undertake such checks as are necessary to verify your identity.

Once you have successfully completed registration, your registration shall continue for an indefinite period, subject to suspension or termination in accordance with clause 6 of these Terms of Use.

Does S-Pack Dubai offer a mobile app?

The mobile app is under development and will be available in a later stage. You will be notified in time.

What should I do if I forgot my account password / How can I reset my password?

  • Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and enter your email address.
  • You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Can I deactivate my account?

Yes, you can request account deactivation by writing to us at hello@SPackDubai.com.

What are the shipping routes offered?

All global routes are supported by our courier partners DHL, FEDEX, and other delivery partners.

Do you deliver products outside the UAE?

Yes. Currently, we do deliver outside the UAE.

Do you deliver anywhere in UAE?

No. Delivery areas are limited to City limits only. 

Can you reserve items for me to collect at a later date?

Sorry, we operate a ‘first come first served’ policy on all of our stock. To keep things fair, we don’t reserve any stock in our stores

Who pays the shipping fees?

Shipping cost is charged to the Buyer.

How do I receive my sales proceeds?

Through wire transfer to your registered bank account.

Who bears the cost of returns?

That depends on the return reason as follows:

For orders returned for a reason not related to quality: Return shipping fees are paid by the Buyer.

For orders returned for quality-related issues other than damage during shipping: Return shipping fees are paid S-Pack Dubai.

What is the cancelation policy?

You may cancel the order until before the order has been dispatched by calling or writing to us at hello@SPackDubai.com.

Cancelations after dispatching the order are not possible. However, you may choose to return the product based on our hassle-free Return Policy.

What happens if I am not home to accept the order delivery?

Our courier partner will contact you on the mobile number you had given at the time of placing the order. You may suggest an alternate schedule for receiving your order. However, 2 unsuccessful attempts to contact will result in the auto cancellation of your order and the amount refunded to your account after deducting the cancellation fee (if already paid).

Can I change my delivery address after placing the order?

No. You cannot change the delivery address after an order has been placed. However, you may cancel and re-initiate a new order with the updated delivery information.

We strongly recommend you keep your contact information updated at all times.

Is there a fee to register?

No, there are no registration fees.

What happens if my order was delivered with missed items?

S-Pack Dubai will ship the missed items to you or refund their value.

What happens if I received the wrong product(s)?

Your order will be returned at no extra cost to you, and your payment will be refunded accordingly.

How long will it take to get my refund?

You shall receive your refunded amount anytime within 30 days from the date of approving your refund by S-Pack Dubai.

How can I sell on S-Pack Dubai?

Any company with a valid trade license can be registered as a Vendor in S-Pack Dubai.

Registration is a 2-step easy process:

  • Sign the Vendor Agreement.
  • Fill up the Product Catalogue Template

What documents do I need to become a seller?

To become a seller on S-Pack Dubai you simply need to share the following documentation:

  • Company Trade license
  • Company Trademark
  • Bank details
  • In some instances, we may also require.
  • Company owner’s passport and ID
  • Company registration certificate
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will walk you through each step of the process and alert you to any documentation that is needed.

How many days does it take for order delivery within the UAE?

It takes 2 – 5 business days to deliver the order within UAE.

In the unlikely event of the product is not available, S-Pack Dubai reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the amount to the customer (if already paid) or suggest alternatives to the customer for a similar product.

What are the shipping charges for delivery within the UAE?

All delivery will be charged AED 13. Charges vary as per the size and location of delivery determined by the Courier partner.

I seem to have been charged twice for the same transaction. What should I do?

Please consult our personal ambassador through phone call or email.

Are there any limits for the quantities that I can order?

Every product has attached limits for minimum and maximum quantities per order with relevant lead times for each as determined by the respective vendor. You may order any quantities within those limits from any particular vendor and can freely mix and match different products from different vendors for the same order.

Should I pay the full amount at the time of placing an order or on receiving the order? Do you offer partial payments/trade finance?

The full order amount should be paid at the time of placing your order. Other payment options and trade finance facilities will be offered in the future.

Is the payment made on S-Pack Dubai safe and secure?

We adhere to the highest standards of payment security. Our Payment Gateway is 3D secured and is Visa verified and MasterCard secured. Your credit card details are not stored on our website.

We accept all internationally accepted visa/master debit/credit cards issued in UAE/GCC.

What shall I do if I’ve been overcharged?

Please consult our personal ambassador through phone call or email.

Can I return my orders?

  • A standard 2 Day return policy applies.
  • Our hassle-free return policy allows you easy access to our customer care and calls for processing your returns.
  • Non-returnable Products. You do not have a right to return, replace or exchange products in respect of:
  • Products that are classified as hazardous materials or use flammable liquids or gases;
  • Products that have been used or damaged by you or are not in the same condition as you received them;
  • Any consumable product which has been used or installed;
  • Products with tampered or missing serial numbers; or

Products that fall under specific categories, including food, beverages, household goods, hygiene-related and personal care products, and certain baby products (e.g. tethers, diapers, hygiene tissues, feeding-related products).

When do I receive my sales revenue?

Your outstanding net amounts shall be transferred to your account within 30 days after any return period that may have been set out in your Terms of Sale has ended.

How do I receive my sales proceeds?

Through wire transfer to your registered bank account.

How long does it take for my seller account to be activated?

Your account shall be activated within 5 working days of receiving the signed Vendor Agreement.

How many products/categories can I list?

You can list as many products as you may have under as many relevant categories as may be reasonably needed.

How can I upload new products?

By filling out the Product Catalogue Template and sending it by email to hello@SPackDubai.com Our team will accordingly publish your content on S-Pack Dubai as part of our support services.

What are the technical requirements for the product images that can be published on S-Pack Dubai?

The images you may submit for your products have to be professionally shot and have proper lighting and clear background to be accepted on S-Pack Dubai. All images must have the following standard specifications:

  • Image Resolution: 150 dpi.
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (Square shaped).
  • Image Dimensions: Minimum 500 X 500 pixels.
  • Image Background: Clear White (#fff).

Can I get any photography support?

Yes. We do offer professional product photography services.

Can I get any marketing support?

Your S-Pack Dubai ambassador will help you to understand your products and will advise product positioning, segmentation, and campaign accordingly. 

Can I edit/update my product listings after being published on S-Pack Dubai?

You can always edit the product price and availability. Any other changes can be requested from our support team by sending an email to hello@SPackDubai.Com

Can I make bulk edits to my catalog through the system?

Yes, for both price and stock levels.

I don’t have SKU/Barcode/HS Code assigned to my products. Can you help me with that?

Yes. Please send your requirements to hello@SPackDubai.com.

What is HS Code? Why do you need it?

HS Codes represent the international classification of your products according to the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature, which is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products. We need the HS Codes of your products to be able to clear your shipments with the Customs authorities.

Why do I need to provide this level of detail for my products?

Providing enough details on your products helps your potential buyers in making swift and confident purchase decisions which result in generating more sales and growing your business faster. It also helps us in providing efficient and competitive shipping services which in turn greatly contributes to the overall competitiveness of your product offerings.

Should I provide the stock availability based on my current levels or my lead times?

Based on your lead time.