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Spack is a leader in packaging innovation, choice, and sustainability. We manufacture products with paper, recycled, renewable materials for food packaging, delivery and carry-out, food processing, and industrial markets.
Our products offer superior performance, provide convenience, reduce food waste, and support food safety and hygiene for the benefit of millions of consumers who use our products every day. We meet their needs with a wide variety of products backed by a commitment to quality embraced by our more than 100+ employees. With manufacturing facilities in UAE & India, we are close to our customers and ready to serve them just in time customized food & delivery packaging items.

We offer factory direct products to Food packaging customers which includes quick service and traditional dine-in and carry-out restaurants, institutional dining and cafeteria settings, and entertainment venues such as stadiums and arenas that offer food. Food packaging products include a variety of high-quality plates, bowls, cups, utensils, clamshells, serving tray liners, platters, salad containers, and more. Delivery and carry-out markets include restaurants that prepare food for delivery or carry-out as well as grocery and convenience stores that sell baked goods, salads, food platters, and more

Embrace our sustainable packaging solutions, where every product reflects our unwavering commitment to the planet. We employ eco-friendly materials, innovate with renewable resources, and prioritize recyclability throughout our production process. From biodegradable options to reduced carbon footprint initiatives, we ensure that your packaging not only protects your products but also leaves a positive impact on the environment for generations to come.

The customization segment provides products for food processing and industrial markets. Food processing customers include commercial beverage manufacturers, produce suppliers, and dairy and confectionary producers. Products include custom wrappers for confectionary and dairy products, frozen food packaging, and produce bags. Industrial customers include businesses in the e-commerce, agriculture and horticulture, banking and security, construction, sanitation and janitorial, and healthcare sectors.

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